Origin Phase Cycle: 3 books. Infinite enjoyment.

Enter new worlds, unlike any you’ve ever experienced

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Sci-fi, Regency, mystery, romance, suspense, and one thrilling read!

You are cordially invited to beautiful Hollyhock Manor for this year’s premier Regency-era majestic.

Now’s the time for a welcome change. Now’s the time to bask in the refined lifestyle of Regency England, where you can adorn yourself with exquisite clothes, indulge in luxurious meals, have your every need attended to by your own lady’s maid or valet, and enjoy the splendor of the magnificent Hollyhock Manor with its myriad amenities and extensive grounds.

Once you’re here you’ll immediately shed your ordinary identity and become the lord or lady of your choice. You’ll mingle with like-minded adventurers, all of them, like yourself, ready for something new, something exciting, something stimulating. Something apart from your usual day-to-day life. Something that will change your world forever.

Be assured that once you’ve experienced the immersive atmosphere of a majestic, you’ll never want another kind of vacation.

Please note: attendance is limited for this exclusive experience. Contact Jewel Allman at Hollyhock Manor and reserve your spot today!

***Hollyhock Manor, like all majestic venues, is located on the easy-to-reach Outworld 5730.***

(Looking for work? Jewel Allman is hiring for the following positions downstairs: maid, lady’s maid, butler, cook, cook’s helper, valet, footman, stable boy.)

What if your entire life passed by in just seven days?

16-year-old Delaney Archer is always chasing the last minute. Nevertheless, she’s about to graduate as valedictorian . . . until one morning she wakes up . . . in graduate school.

Seven years have disappeared since she went to bed last night . . . but how? Then she wakes up the next day . . . and another seven years have vanished.

Every day is another brand-new adventure for Delaney. But no matter what she tries, she can’t break the cycle.

Now she must figure out what’s happening . . . before time runs out . . .

News flash! The audiobook  of Never Enough Time will be available later this month. Narrated by the amazing Gabrielle de Cuir!

Origin Phase Cycle

Time Travel
3 books
Infinite enjoyment

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Knowing the future can play hell with your past.

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