Origin Phase Cycle: 3 books. Infinite enjoyment.

Enter new worlds, unlike any you’ve ever experienced

News flash! Never Enough Time is now available as an audiobook!
On sale at Audible, Amazon, iBooks, Kobo, Barnes & Noble, and Downpour.

Crown Princess

Crown Princess Greyson Jaynes has devoted her life to the study of statecraft, preparing herself for her future job as king. But at 23 years old, she has other interests too. Interests even her father, the current king, knows nothing about.

Then as unexpected tragedy strikes, Grey’s thrust into a new world, one she might have prepared for, but she’s not ready for it. At all.

Now, besides coping with wrenching grief, her many new responsibilities, and her conniving uncle’s insidious plans to seize control of the palace, she must make an impossible choice: Will she give up the love of her life in order to take on the job she was born to do?

Inside the Masque

In the future, your masque is your world

Data. Comms. Wallet. ID. The masque is all this and more, and everyone wears one. But masques can lie.

When a powerful figure in the masque business shows up dead, it’s down to Chief Inspector McNair to track down the killer.

Uncovering the secrets and lies that lurk inside every beautiful masque, McNair will stop at nothing until he finds the truth—no matter how ugly it turns out to be.

An exciting new technothriller by genre-bending author R. T. W. Lipkin!

“Readers willing to think outside the murder-mystery box will enjoy exploring this ambitious mash-up of procedural, romance, and futuristic social commentary.”

Now Playing on Outworld 5730

Sci-fi, Regency, mystery, romance, suspense, and one thrilling read!
If you can afford an elaborate vacation, you can spend your riches on an immersive experience on Outworld 5730. For Ephraim, it’s the ideal opportunity for revenge. For Violet, a job on the remote outworld is a last resort. But the two are drawn to each other—and drawn into the lethal schemes threatening to turn this into the deadliest of holidays.

Never Enough Time

What if your entire life passed by in just seven days?

16-year-old Delaney Archer is always chasing the last minute. Nevertheless, she’s about to graduate as valedictorian . . . until one morning she wakes up . . . in graduate school.

Seven years have disappeared since she went to bed last night . . . but how? Then she wakes up the next day . . . and another seven years have vanished.

Every day is another brand-new adventure for Delaney. But no matter what she tries, she can’t break the cycle.

Now she must figure out what’s happening . . . before time runs out . . .

Never Enough Time is now available as an audiobook! On sale at Audible, Amazon, iBooks, Kobo, Barnes & Noble, and Downpour. Google Play audio edition coming soon.

Origin Phase Cycle

Time Travel
3 books
Infinite enjoyment

All the books of the Origin Phase Cycle are now available on
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Knowing the future can play hell with your past.

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